Thursday, November 13, 2008

9) Or I could just keep bees...

A good cup of. Hot, strong, rich, complex. Expensive or made at home cheap. With milk and sweetener unless it really is the good stuff and then just milk. A rare treat when I find a good coffeehouse and yet an everyday necessity. Don't smoke, rarely drink, but a headachey, deranged mess without caffeine (although some tell me I'm a little off even with it). Sure, soda or an energy drink would do it but it's not the same somehow. Plus, because the caffeine concentration is higher, I can feel myself vibrating when I drink an energy drink too fast. Maybe it's all because there are additional compounds similar to caffeine in the coffee that aren't in the other drinks. It would explain why I react to tea differently to coffee. It's probably tearing up my stomach and turning my teeth brown but it tastes so damn good. You only live once, right?

My hometown needs a good coffeeshop. We had one. I know, I used to make drinks there. Damn good drinks, too. Best cappuccinos in the metroplex. That's another thing to add to the list of things that Austin has that Dallas doesn't: A good coffeehouse within walking distance. Hell, even the 7-11 has good coffee. The kicker is I finally tried a really good place less than a week before I moved back here. Oh, well. Makes me appreciate good coffee all the more. And probably saves me a shitload of money.

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