Saturday, November 15, 2008

11) Don't ask me to explain it.

Winter is almost here. We've already had it freeze once and it's going to get close again tonight. I've already pulled the mango plant (it's just not big enough to be a tree yet) inside and I'm going to take a chance that the basil and pepper plants can take the cold. If they can't, it's been a good fight. At least for the jalapeno. Damn nearly killed the thing this summer when I thought leaving its pot in a deep bowl of water and covering the soil with plastic so as not to dry it out would be a good idea. Didn't know a plant could shed 3/4 of its leaves and not die. That fucker could survive a nuclear holocaust. Though when the roaches find it, it might not survive much longer. Although with all the radiation, chopping up the plant might just make it stronger. Each bit of plant will grow in the stomachs of all the roaches, eventually ripping their exoskeletons in half. The bits that find some soil to grow in will grow larger and larger. Some will achieve sentience. When they grow so large that they bump into each other, they will fight to the death or fuse, becoming one. Many years will pass, the plant only growing bigger, stronger, smarter. It will one day take over the globe, draining the oceans and covering the lands. It will then remember its childhood in the terra cotta pot and in a fit of nostalgia, grow flowers. The winds will carry its pollen far and wide and the great plant will remember its ability to self-pollinate. It will begin preparing for the time when its fruits are ready to fall. But they won't fall, oh, no. The plant knows it will only smother them. No, the plant will jettison the fruits out into space where they can colonize new worlds. Perhaps some of them will find worlds where everything hasn't been destroyed. Perhaps some of them can make a friend.

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