Monday, November 10, 2008

5) I really need an alarm to remind me to do this.

So tomorrow I'm starting my new part-time job at my stepmom's adhesive fulfilling business. I will be doing various campaigns for them such as trying to acquire government contracts, getting our product into stores, and getting into women-owned business organizations. I've worked for this company before as sort of an office and shop manager and I wasn't too thrilled with what I was doing (calling customers, filling orders), but now I am. I guess it's because I feel that now I actually have an opportunity to expand the business. I feel that I'll be making a difference. Sure, it's glue but I'll have something real and tangible that I can point to and say, "I did that." Also, the last time I was working for this company, it was before my job folding shirts and selling clothes to overpriveleged Dallasites and, gotta tell ya, selling glue to craft stores will be a lot more rewarding. Sure, when I was selling clothes I was occasionally selling suits to people going on their first job interview or selling an outfit to an out-of-towner who lost their luggage, but I was usually selling shit they didn't need, that was only going to make them feel guilty when they got their credit card statements. Now I will be selling products that allow people to engage in hobbies and to do nifty DIY stuff. And who would object to giving people a tiny boost in their sense of empowerment?

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