Wednesday, November 19, 2008

14) Plugging in to the community

I've felt very disconnected lately. It probably doesn't help that I've done about zero socializing since I moved back to Dallas. The closest I've come is chatting with the people at work during my lunch break. Twelve people in that office. Seven of them never eat in the break room. Not a wide net of personal experience. And given that one of the people is my father, I've heard some of the stories and opinions a million times before. I got so used to the environment of a large co-op. Just wander downstairs at practically any hour of the day (especially as you get closer to finals) and there will be at least one person up and about, probably avoiding study and therefore much more given to chatting with anybody about anything at all. I have hobbies, I just need to find a group of like-minded individuals. Or maybe start a club. I like being experimental with my cooking, maybe there's a whole bunch of people who enjoy finding out what happens when you add some cumin. Or when you don't use salt. We could even hand the results out to needy people when we finished. I like gardening and I like the concept of a community garden (though who knows, I might be horrified and disgusted at the execution), maybe I can get involved with a project to give low-income apartment-dwelling families a chance to grow their own vegetables. Maybe then I'll come to love this city.

God, I sound like one of the characters in Waking Life- "He's all action and no theory, we're all theory and no action."

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