Thursday, November 6, 2008

2) It's gonna be Obama-related posts for a while. So... just deal, zero people who are reading out there.

So, for the past two weeks I've been afraid that he's going to die in office. Obama has already had how many death threats and how many assasaination attempts? It seems that eventually someone's gonna get through. I tell myself, Nelson Mandela survived his presidency and he doubtlessly didn't have the technology and personnel that Obama will have access to and in fact has access to now. I tell myself, except for LBJ, every president from Kennedy on has had someone try to assasinate him. Only two were able to cause harm and only one was successful and because of that one, the Secret Service is what it is today.

I fear for him because Obama doesn't just have political opponents after him, he has people that think he is an abomination, residue of miscegenation. People see him and come to the conclusion that hey, maybe this whole racial mixing thing isn't so bad (because apparently everyone is stuck in 1957 and nobody has heard of CLINAL VARIATION) and there goes the pure white race.

I fear that some crazy stupid redneck fuck who would rather blame his inadequacies on them blacks gettin' uppity is going to through sheer lunacy come up with an assasination plot that nobody has though of yet. I only hope that the ones intelligent enough to not get caught beforehand are also intelligent enough to know that the backlash (and there's a lot of us who feel enfranchised for the first time in our lives and really, really like it) wouldn't be worth it.

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